The new Prolumia catalogue is available!

The time has come! The brand new edition of the Prolumia catalogue 2022-2023 is now available. In it, you will find the best innovative lighting solutions for numerous lighting issues. Not only does it shine a light on our familiar luminaires, it also spotlights our newest luminaires.

Looking for a waterproof luminaire with sensor for the exterior lighting of your housing project? Or do you want to update the lighting inside an office according to the latest NEN standards? Still looking for new indoor lighting that puts products in the right light for your retail project? The Prolumia catalogue offers plenty of suitable options.

You can find this and more in the updated 236-page Prolumia catalogue. Not only can you find our familiar luminaires, but a number of new products are also featured. Immerse yourself in the world of light and discover the updated Prolumia catalogue for yourself.

What does this new catalogue offer?

  • Extended specifications. All series now include dimensional drawings and light distribution.
  • Even more features. Info has been added on microwave motion sensors and twilight switches to give you even more insight into how our products work.
  • Application-oriented. Our products exude quality, but they stand out even more when you see what they are used for.
  • Convenient QR codes. Using these codes to be scanned by your smartphone, we bridge the gap between online and offline information.
  • Fully clickable online. Quickly navigate between products, categories, references, information and more.

And more…

  • A number of new series have been added, such as the Pro-Sign, the Rockdisc III and more. Discover for yourself.
  • A number of series have had an expansion. For instance, our Pro-Stripe is available in black and our Eco-Panel BL has a version with low UGR (incl. driver).

You can find all this and more in our new Prolumia catalogue. Curious? Check it out online here below.

Prolumia LED lighting catalog
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