LED Project Lighting

Good LED project lighting is not just an extra on the project; it is an absolute necessity. It goes beyond just illuminating the relevant spaces; it's about creating the right environment for your project. A well-lit project is a safe project.

Whether it is a busy construction site where workers have to carry out their tasks, a parking garage where people need to feel safe, or an office environment where productivity and well-being are central, the right lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of everyone who works there. involved in the project. 

Project lighting for every project

We understand that no two projects are the same. That's why at Prolumia we've developed a comprehensive range of LED luminaires designed to meet the varying needs of different projects. Whether it's an office space that requires a stimulating and productive environment, a retail store that wants to attract customer attention, a warehouse that has safety at the top of its list, or an outdoor space that needs to create a welcoming atmosphere, we have the right lighting solution for you.

At Prolumia we want to do more than just supply luminaires. We want to help you take your project lighting to the next level. Our team of experienced lighting designers is ready to work with you on lighting plans that are perfectly tailored to your project. We understand the nuances of light - how it can influence mood, how it can enhance performance, and how it can transform space.

We offer a wide range of options of different options of LED fixtures, including recessed, surface-mounted and panel fixtures, wall fixtures, ceiling fixtures, strips and recessed spotlights. Whether you are looking for sleek, discreet lighting or striking designer fixtures, you are sure to find what you need. Discover our range of indoor lighting and outdoor lighting .

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Advantages of LED project lighting

Prolumia is highly regarded as the choice for your LED Project Lighting, and here's why:

Well-thought-out functionality
Our LED project lighting is not just a source of light; it is a thoughtfully designed solution that optimizes the functionality of your spaces. At Prolumia we understand that every project has unique requirements. Whether it concerns lighting an office, a warehouse, a showroom or an outdoor area, we tailor our lighting solutions to meet your specific needs. We think about the right light intensity, color temperature and light distribution to achieve the desired atmosphere and performance. With Prolumia you are assured of lighting that does what it is supposed to do.

Affordable quality
While we strive for the highest quality in all our products and services, we also understand that budgets play an important role in every project. At Prolumia we don't want you to have to compromise between quality and cost. Our LED project lighting is affordable quality. This means you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality LED lighting without breaking your budget.

Available from stock
Our extensive stock allows us to deliver quickly, even for the most urgent projects. We understand the importance of on-time delivery, and we strive to ensure your project runs smoothly. Whether you are about to start a new project or want to upgrade an existing project, at Prolumia you can count on fast delivery of high-quality LED project lighting.

De Passage shopping center | Roosendaal (NL)

De Passage shopping center is located in the heart of the city center of Roosendaal, where a conscious choice has been made for experience. To further emphasize the special character of the shopping center, a proposal was made for new lighting, in particular by working with colors. What started with wild ideas, resulted in a particularly challenging project for Prolumia, which made inventive use of line lighting.

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What should you pay attention to when choosing a lighting partner?

It is of course very important to make a good choice about selecting a lighting partner. Some factors to consider are expertise and quality of the lighting partner - check the expertise and that the products are of high quality and meet the right standards. Also, pay particular attention to delivery time and adaptability - can the partner adapt to your specific requirements and needs, and can they deliver on time even if you need it urgently?

If you choose Prolumia, you choose these criteria and more. We have a proven track record as a lighting partner for various and varied projects, such as the De Passage shopping center in Roosendaal, a Connexxion bus shelter, and a mini golf course.

Standards for LED project lighting

Compliance with specific standards is crucial in ensuring the optimal lighting conditions for your projects. The NEN-EN 1246-1 standard applies here. Although it is not a legal requirement to follow this standard, it is designed to ensure that lighting in working environments meets the best quality standards. The lighting standards are expressed in lux, which represents the amount of light that must be present per square meter to achieve pleasant and effective lighting. 

Lighting requirements for office projects

  • Workplace
    For a comfortable office environment, the NEN standards recommend a minimum of 500 lux in the workplace area, such as your desk.
  • Drawing room
    For drawing rooms, where detailed work is carried out, a minimum illuminance of 750 lux is recommended.
  • Meeting room
    Meeting rooms must have a lighting level of at least 500 lux to enable effective communication and presentations.
  • Reception
    For reception areas, a minimum illuminance of 300 lux is recommended to provide a welcoming and uncluttered reception.

Lighting requirements for industrial projects

  • Rough work
    In industrial environments where rough work is carried out, a minimum illuminance of 200 lux is required to ensure safety and productivity.
  • Moderate work
    For moderate industrial work, a lighting level of at least 300 lux is recommended.
  • Fine work For
    fine industrial work, where precision is required, the standards recommend a minimum illuminance of 500 lux.
  • Precision work
    In environments where precision work takes place, such as laboratories, a lighting level of at least 750 lux is recommended.

Lighting requirements for logistics projects

  • During loading and unloading
    Activities such as loading and unloading require a minimum illuminance of 200 lux to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Packing
    For packing work, a lighting level of at least 300 lux is recommended.
  • Stock rack floor
    To ensure that stock management is efficient, a minimum illuminance of 150 lux is recommended for the floor where the stock racks are located.
  • Aisles
    Aisles must be well lit with a minimum illuminance of 300 lux to ensure safety and navigation.
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Project lighting and color temperatures

There is sometimes confusion about LED project lighting, that it is cold and chilly. But that's not it at all! In the past, LED lighting did indeed have a cooler and fresher light color, but today there are multiple color temperatures available to suit your needs. At Prolumia we understand that every space and every project is unique, which is why we offer an extensive range of energy-efficient and sustainable LED lighting in various color temperatures. But which color temperature should you choose? The choice depends on various factors, such as the room where you want to place the LED lighting and what goal you want to achieve with the lighting. In principle, it is good to remember that color temperature is expressed in K (Kelvin).

  • Extra warm white light (1700-2700K):
    LED lighting with an extra warm white color temperature mainly brings atmosphere to your project and fits better in rooms where atmosphere or coziness is central. Consider, for example, a living room, bedroom, restaurant, theater, hotel or pub. It creates a warm and inviting ambiance. 
  • Warm white light (3000K)
    Warm white light has an inviting appearance and is ideal in general areas, such as reception areas, counters, foyers, changing rooms, waiting rooms, halls, stairwells and corridors. LED recessed spotlights, LED downlights and LED track spotlights with a color temperature of 3000K are perfect for illuminating specific corners or objects.
  • Cool white light (4000K)
    Cool white light is slightly fresher and more neutral in color, without being cold. It keeps people alert and focused. For that reason, it is often used in office spaces, other workspaces or classrooms. 
  • Daylight (6500K)
    LED lighting with a color temperature of 6500K is ideal for situations where a lot of natural daylight is required, such as operating rooms, treatment rooms, laboratories, printers and workshops. It comes close to natural daylight and therefore helps with precise work.

Frequently asked questions about project lighting

What does project lighting include?

Project lighting includes a wide range of lighting that is specifically designed to meet the needs of different projects and spaces. This includes lighting for commercial and industrial applications, such as offices, shops, warehouses, factories, public spaces, hospitality, and more. Project lighting involves the selection and installation of luminaires and light sources tailored to the objectives and requirements of the project. The purpose of project lighting is to promote atmosphere, safety, productivity or aesthetics in a space.

Why is project lighting important?

Good project lighting is important for several reasons. Firstly, it contributes to the safety of a space. Well-lit areas reduce the risk of accidents and promote a sense of safety. Second, good project lighting improves productivity. The right light can improve the concentration and comfort of employees. Thirdly, project lighting plays an important role in providing the desired ambiance or aesthetics in a space.

What types of project lighting are there?

There are different types of lighting available to meet different project needs. Indoor lighting is lighting for indoor spaces such as offices, shops, restaurants and homes, and can range from general lighting to accent lighting. Outdoor lighting is intended for use in outdoor areas, such as parking lots, gardens, facades and public squares, and it improves the safety of these places.

There is also lighting specifically designed for industrial applications, such as factories and warehouses, where it provides sufficient illumination for workplaces where precision and safety are essential. Architectural lighting focuses on emphasizing the architectural features of a building or space by creating visual appeal. Finally, emergency lighting is essential for emergencies and evacuations, where people need to be able to safely leave a building in the event of power outages or other emergencies.

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