Storage facility lighting

Storage facilities are often large spaces consisting of long passageways with high shelves. They typically receive little natural daylight, and employees work for extended periods. Applying proper storage facility lighting is essential. It enables employees to work productively, reduces fatigue, enhances concentration, and ensures a safe and well-organized working environment. Prolumia offers an extensive range of LED lighting solutions designed for storage facilities and warehouses that meet all the requirements for LED lighting.

Benefits of LED Storage Facility Lighting

  • Energy savings of more than 90% compared to traditional fluorescent fixtures
  • Additional energy savings through intelligent light management
  • Various options for efficient lighting installations
  • High efficiency
  • Enhanced safety in the workplace
  • Improved productivity and concentration
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Storage facility lighting standards

The European Union has established standards for lux levels in various indoor lighting environments and applications. For instance, storage facility LED lighting must comply with the NEN 12464-1 standard.

According to this standard, storage facility, workshop, or industrial LED lighting should emit between 100 lux (product storage) and 150 lux (aisles) per square meter.

  • NEN 12464-1
  • CRI >80
  • UGR <25
  • Lighting levels between 100 and 150 lux
  • Optimal color temperature between 4000K and 6000K


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Storage facility lighting management system

Storage facilities are often large spaces, requiring a significant amount of lighting. This can result in considerable costs because the lighting needs to be on when employees are present. Fortunately, you can save energy by installing a lighting management system for your storage facility.

A lighting management system ensures efficient control of your lighting fixtures. This allows you to manage your lighting remotely using sensors, timers, or other functions. This system can also be applied to storage facility LED lighting provided the right fixtures are selected. Depending on the fixture type, we can integrate various lighting management systems for you.

Lighting calculations for your storage facility

You can create a professional lighting plan to meet the appropriate standards for your storage facility. This plan will tell you which fixtures and how many of them you need to effectively illuminate your storage facility. This can be a challenging task, especially for a project that will benefit many people, such as a storage facility. At Prolumia, we believe it's essential not only to provide sound advice, product information, and product support but also to offer lighting calculations. We use the simulation program Relux for this purpose.

Selecting storage facility lighting depends on multiple factors. Based on your specific storage facility and the tasks performed therein, our lighting specialists can create a tailored lighting plan. By combining your preferences, ideas, and the available space, we can precisely align your future lighting with your needs.

Within ten working days, you will receive a non-binding proposal with the Relux lighting calculation attached to a quote. This proposal includes an explanation of how the storage facility lighting is designed and why these choices were made. It also provides details about the achieved light levels, by the legally established NEN standards, which define the required lux levels for specific areas.

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