Outdoor Lighting for Residential Buildings

Exterior lighting in homes serves more than one purpose. It not only provides good visibility during dusk or darkness but also enhances the overall sense of security. Prolumia offers a wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures suitable for various applications. We provide lighting for galleries, porches, and balconies, such as those in apartment complexes, and we also have various fixtures available for low-rise or new-construction buildings.

Advantages of LED outdoor lighting

Prolumia LED lighting is highly efficient and ideal for outdoor applications in residential buildings. With various sensor technologies, innovative color temperature adjustments, and other smart features, LED lighting is available for every outdoor project.

  • Energy savings of over 90% compared to traditional outdoor halogen lighting
  • Various functional options for optimal light control
  • Creates a sense of security
  • Provides visibility in the dark
  • Low-maintenance LED lighting
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IP rating for outdoor LED lighting

All LED fixtures, including outdoor lighting, are protected to some extent against dust and moisture intrusion. The resistance to the ingress of solid materials and liquids is expressed through an IP (Ingress Protection) rating, which is internationally standardized in IEC 60529. It consists of two numbers indicating the level of protection: the first number relates to solid materials such as dust and sand, while the second number relates to liquids, including (rain)water. For outdoor LED lighting, the fixture must have a minimum IP44 rating to make it suitable for outdoor use.


In care and residential facilities, good LED lighting plays a major role. Not only for the comfort and safety of the residents, but also for supervisors and staff who roll up their sleeves every day to provide the best care. SDW residential location in Dinteloord has chosen Prolumia's LED lighting for this reason.

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Smart outdoor lighting

Prolumia's energy-efficient outdoor lighting is available in a standard version, but it also comes with various sensor functions. These unique sensor settings provide enhanced safety, better visibility, and significant savings. With the sensor version of Prolumia's smart LED outdoor lighting series, you can dim the lights in three steps, adjusting between 100%, 20%, and 0%. By dimming the lights to 20%, you not only save on energy but also ensure a safe basic illumination of areas where it's necessary.

To maximize the efficiency of your outdoor LED lighting even further, you can set up on/off switching based on daylight. The detection range, (post-)illumination time, and daylight sensitivity are easy to configure. This makes the fixture adaptable to any situation and requirement, ensuring you always have the right LED lighting for outdoor use.

Lighting calculation for outdoor lighting

You can create a professional lighting plan to meet the appropriate standards for your outdoor LED lighting. This plan specifies the fixtures and quantities required for your outdoor area. This can be a challenging task, but at Prolumia, we can assist you with this. We use the Relux simulation program for our lighting calculations.

Within ten business days, you will receive a non-binding proposal, including the Relux lighting calculation linked to a quote. This proposal explains the outdoor area's lighting plan and the reasons for the choices made. It also provides information about the achieved light levels with the selected outdoor lighting.

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