LED strips for residential use

LED strips are increasingly being used in residential buildings, primarily because they are highly versatile and suitable for various purposes. They can be used to illuminate the facade of an apartment complex, enhance the entrance or lobby, and are ideal for new home construction or renovation projects. LED strips work well for indirect lighting in the bathroom, cove lighting in the kitchen, or accentuating built-in niches in the living room. They are also a valuable addition to gardens and carports, especially when you use waterproof LED strips. These flexible strips are easy to install, and with the various accessories provided by Prolumia, you can achieve stunning results quickly.

Benefits of LED strips

Prolumia's LED strips can be integrated into any design and are exceptionally quick and easy to install. With an extensive range of high-quality LED strips and modular linear lighting systems, virtually any configuration is possible. LED strips are available in a variety of different light colors and come with finishing profiles. Depending on the application, LED strips are also available with different IP ratings.

  • Customizable to suit your preferences
  • Available in various IP ratings
  • Long lifespan with proper cooling
  • Complete with corresponding profiles, drivers, and controllers
  • Also available in RGB and RGBW
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Cooling for energy-efficient LED strips

Properly cooling LED strips is essential. LED strips with a power consumption higher than approximately 6W can generate heat, which is not ideal for linear lighting. Prolumia's LED profiles provide both mechanical protection and cooling for the LEDs, significantly extending the lifespan of the LED strip linear lighting. Additionally, profiles with lenses ensure even light distribution, as the individual LEDs on the strip are not visible.


It is well known that LED lighting from Prolumia is durable and very energy-saving. For this reason, our LED lighting fixtures are increasingly used in making various projects energy-neutral.

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Control of LED strips

Controlling LED strips is easy with Prolumia's drivers and controllers. Whether it's LED strips for indoor or linear lighting for outdoor use, you'll find the right product for any lighting need.

Prolumia offers various dimmers, DMX controllers, wall panels, and remote controls. Combine these with the appropriate power supply for LED strips to achieve optimal results.

Lighting calculation for LED strips

You can create a professional lighting plan to meet the required standards for your LED strips. This plan specifies the type of LED strips and the exact number of meters you need for your lighting project. Prolumia can assist you with this. We use the Relux simulation program for our lighting calculations.

Within ten business days, you will receive a non-binding proposal, including the Relux lighting calculation linked to a quote. This proposal explains the project's LED strip lighting plan, and the reasons for the choices made, and provides information about the achieved light levels with the selected LED strips. It also includes recommendations for matching power supplies, controllers, and cooling profiles.

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